Our Proud Sponsors

Family Care Specialty Pharmacy
Family Care Specialty Pharmacy serves at 3 different locations in North and South Carolina.Customers who walk into Family Care Specialty Pharmacy will find something they might not have experienced in a long while – personal attention and quality customer care. The emphasis in the company’s name is on “family care”.

Me2Desi.com is a community website serving South asians in NC,SC,NY & NJ Areas. Website offers free classifieds, Local event listings, Movie showtimes, business directory and much more. Website is one of the most visited desi website in the region. Please visit Me2Desi Website for more details

Coca Cola
Who doesn't know Coca-Cola. Its the drink which is available in 200 countries. One of the most popular drink in the world. The local presence of coca-cola is sponsoring Charlotte Lions for this year. This is a great addition to our sponsors.